Dale Chihuly

Without a doubt, Dale Chihuly is studio glass art’s most recognized name. Although he no longer blows his own glass, his work has continued to take on a life of his own, completing monumental installations for hotels like the Bellagio. However, his original, timeless studio editions are still elegant in their mastery of aesthetics.

Jennifer McCurdy

Jen McCurdy’s wheel thrown porcelain is unlike any other. She forms intricately carved, brilliantly gilded vessels which evoke the nature and serenity from which she surrounds herself in Martha’s Vineyard. Critics compare her sculptures in feeling to Georgia O”Keeffe.

Richard Jolley

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David Schwarz

David Schwarz’s work exists on 3 parallel artistic universes: the work observed from outside, the intricate world inside, and the caging, or “frame” of his works. His glass pieces make a use of city architecture and light along with a botanical forms to juxtapose the man-made with the natural.

Marvin Lipofsky

Marvin Lipofpsky (1938 – 2016) was at the forefront of the studio glass movement and was considered one of it’s most important pioneers. A true glass veteran, he was undeniably one of the most famous glass artists throughout his career. Lipofsy’s biomorphic glass forms are still irresistible.

Latchezar Boyadjiev

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Latchezar Boyadjiev was the prodigious student of renowned Stanislav Libenský. Boyadjiev is considered one of the most important glass artists working today. His oeuvre transcends the field of glass, many of his ethereal sculptures he titles with mere emotions.

David Patchen

“There are no accidents in this line of work.” Patchen’s style of glasswork is so labor-intensive as to be mindnumbing. His intricate patterns all must be mentally conceived, produced, and accurately laid out prior to vase production. His mastery of the difficult murrine techniques result in large works that are detailed, exciting, and surgically precise.

John Burchetta

Residing in the artistic hub of Wilmington, NC, John Burchetta is an undisputed master of custom works. Your mental vision is his glass creation. Using clean lines and elegant detail, Buchetta’s will create your custom masterpiece.

Jon Kuhn

Jon Kuhn, the legendary glass artist known for his mesmerizing light-refracting cubes. Kuhn is once again actively producing glass art, creating more vibrant and intricate works than ever before. Collectors are once again scrambling over his newest pieces. Kuhn’s work takes months, even years to complete, and thus continues to be ultra-rare.

Leon Applebaum

Applebaum has been called “one of the great colorists in the field of glass.” His innovative approach explores glass’s transparent and reflective qualities. Applebaum’s works are in the permanent collection numerous public and private collections.

Jamie Barthel

From Woodstock, NY, Jamie Barthel, is recognized worldwide for her skill & artistry in producing unique, reverse hand-painted, chandeliers and lanterns. Get your custom-painted Jamie Barthel chandelier here.

Nathan Miers (N8 Miers)

Arguably the fastest up-and-coming functional glass artist in America today, N8 Miers exploded onto the scene through the legendary Everdream Studio with his galactic rigs and sets, Nathan’s work is quickly appreciating in value and being sought after by collectors.

Michael Svenson (Svenglass)

Residing in the exploding glass hub of Colorado, Svenglass is a master of lampworking. He has recently collaborated with other big names, such as Eusheen Goines and TrentonOo. All of Svenglass’s current work is made with borosilicate glass, noother mediums are used unless specifically stated.

Joe Peters (Joe P)

Currently residing in Evergreen, Colorado, Joe Peters is a present day pioneer of the Counterculture Glass Art movement. His world caliber functional glass pushes the boundaries of the medium with each new work. Joe Peters also cofounded Everdream Studio.

Stephen Sacklarian

Investment Art: Stephen Sacklarian’s (1899-1983) artistic world is populated with amorphous figures and whimsical forms that float against bright, angular backgrounds or subtle dark fields of color. His work (now posthumous) has appreciated considerably in recent years and has been catching the eyes early stage art investors.